“Blockbuster” unfortunately falls short as a workplace comedy. The show’s premise of Timmy, an analog dreamer living in a 5G world, struggling to keep his Blockbuster Video store relevant in the digital age had potential, however, the execution is lacking. The main character Timmy, portrayed by Randall Park, comes across as one-dimensional and not relatable, which makes it hard for the audience to connect to him or his struggles. The supporting cast and characters also fail to bring any depth to the story.

The show also suffers from a lack of originality and a reliance on cliche jokes and situations. The show’s pacing also feels slow and unengaging, which makes it difficult for the audience to stay invested in the story. The show’s primary theme of human connection is also not handled well, coming across as forced and superficial, which makes it hard to believe or empathize with the characters and their struggles.

In summary, “Blockbuster” fails to deliver as a workplace comedy. With uninspired writing, uninteresting characters, and a lack of originality, it is unlikely that the show will resonate with audiences. The show’s premise had potential, but the execution fails to deliver, making for a disappointing viewing experience.