“Maxton Hall — The World Between Us,” which premiered on May 9, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video, is a German-language adaptation of Mona Kasten’s novel Save Me. This six-part series, set in an elite private school, blends drama and romance with a touch of suspense.

Plot Overview

The story follows Ruby Bell (Harriet Herbig-Matten), a quick-witted scholarship student who inadvertently uncovers a secret at the prestigious Maxton Hall. This discovery puts her at odds with James Beaufort (Damian Hardung), an arrogant millionaire heir determined to silence her. As they clash, an unexpected romance begins to blossom amidst the tension.

Cast and Characters

Harriet Herbig-Matten shines as Ruby Bell, supported by Damian Hardung as James Beaufort. The ensemble cast includes Sonja Weißer, Ben Felipe, Fedja van Huêt, and Runa Greiner, among others, who bring depth and authenticity to their roles, creating a vibrant and engaging on-screen dynamic.

Creative Team

Directed by Tarek Roehlinger and Martin Schreier, “Maxton Hall” showcases beautiful cinematography, with filming locations spanning Berlin, London, Oxford, and Marienburg Castle in Hanover. The series captures the luxurious yet competitive atmosphere of an elite boarding school, setting the stage for its dramatic narrative.

Themes and Style

“Maxton Hall” explores themes of privilege, ambition, and the complexities of teenage relationships. The show’s visual style combines elegance with an undercurrent of tension, reflecting the characters’ internal and external conflicts. The series’ tone effectively balances drama and romance, appealing to fans of high-stakes storytelling.


The series has garnered positive reception, with a 75% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an impressive 90% audience rating. It quickly became Amazon Prime Video’s most successful international original in its first week, leading to a renewal for a second season. Viewers have praised the chemistry between the leads and the show’s engaging plot.


“Maxton Hall — The World Between Us” is a captivating addition to the teen drama genre, offering a mix of romance, mystery, and high-stakes conflict. With its strong cast and visually stunning production, the series is sure to keep audiences hooked from start to finish.