Criminal Record: A Series of Hits and Misses

Apple TV+’s “Criminal Record” attempts to weave a complex narrative in the realm of crime and mystery but encounters a mix of success and shortcomings.

Solid Acting, Underwhelming Writing

The series boasts strong performances from its leads, particularly Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo. However, the writing fails to match the caliber of the acting. Several characters, such as Leo (Moore) and Maureen (Zoë Wanamker), are underdeveloped, and some plot elements feel forced or clichéd, detracting from the overall impact of the story.

Cinematography and Visuals

The cinematography of “Criminal Record” falls into a pattern seen in many Apple TV+ shows, characterized by a lack of color grading and dim lighting. While this style can be effective, in this case, it adds to the sense of a missed opportunity to visually distinguish the show.

Themes and Execution

The series ambitiously tackles themes such as racism, misogyny, and institutional failure within the police force. While these themes are relevant and provocative, their exploration sometimes lacks depth, leaving the audience wanting a more nuanced treatment.

Character Dynamics

The contrasting perspectives of the two main characters, one a seasoned white male officer and the other a younger female officer of dual heritage, add an intriguing dynamic to the show. Their interactions and differing approaches to policing are among the more compelling aspects of the series.

Final Thoughts

“Criminal Record” has moments of genuine tension and thought-provoking themes, but it struggles with inconsistent pacing and underdeveloped aspects. The strong performances from the cast are a highlight, but they’re not enough to fully elevate the series beyond its shortcomings.

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