Jury Duty is a new Amazon Freevee original series that chronicles the inner workings of an American jury trial through the eyes of one particular juror. The twist? The entire case is fake, everyone except him is an actor, and everything that happens — inside the courtroom and out — is carefully planned.

The show stars Ronald Gladden, a solar contractor from San Diego, who is tapped to serve on a jury of his peers. The catch? He doesn’t realize that he’s been set up in a mockumentary-style experiment designed to test his reactions to various situations.

As Gladden navigates the strange world of Jury Duty, he encounters a cast of eccentric characters, including James Marsden playing a heightened version of himself. The show is full of laugh-out-loud moments, but it also explores some deeper themes, such as the importance of civic duty and the power of the media.

Jury Duty is a clever and original show that is sure to entertain viewers of all ages. The cast is excellent and the concept is fresh. If you’re looking for a new comedy to watch, I highly recommend Jury Duty.

Here are some of the things that I liked about the show:

  • The cast is excellent. Both Ronald Gladden and James Marsden give a hilarious and heartwarming performance. The rest of the cast is also great, and they all play their roles perfectly.
  • The situations are funny and the concept is fresh. Jury Duty is a unique and original show that I haven’t seen anything like before.

Here are some of the things that I didn’t like about the show:

  • The show can be a bit slow at times. The first few episodes are mostly set-up, and it takes a while for the show to really get going.
  • The show is a bit predictable. The plot is fairly straightforward, and it’s not hard to guess how things are going to end.

Overall, I really enjoyed Jury Duty. It’s a funny, heartwarming, and original show that I would definitely recommend.